Website Development

Website Development

An associations most valuable tool for communicating with members, promoting its brand, and recruiting new members is it's website.  We assist you in creating modern websites that look good and work well regardless of whether the site is being viewed on a phone, tablet, or computer.

We guide our clients step-by-step through the design process, working as our clients advocate with graphic designers to ensure that the design of the website promotes the associations brand and is focused on the targeted audiences.  

Once the client has decided on a design that meets their needs, we build the website in a content management system (CMS), is a tool that separates the content of the website from the design.  It gives non-technical users a familiar, intuitive user-interface to use to add and edit the website content.  This allows association staff the ability to post information to the website without going through their technical support.

After building the website in the CMS, we take the time to migrate existing content from the current website into the new website, ensuring that best practices and web standards are followed.  We add appropriate images where necessary and ensure that the new site exhibits the look and feel of a world-class website.  We also ensure that the website is integrate with any social media platforms, staying consistent with the associations branding and messaging.

Next, the website goes through a quality assurance process where the site is checked for errors.  We look to that all content was migrated, things look generally as expected, and we test the site's responsive design. Before going live, a special preview for the client is setup.  The client is given an opportunity to review the site and make any necessary changes.

Finally, as we go live and switch from the old site to the new site, we provide training and a customized manual that shows the staff how to maintain the site.  However, we are always here to assist in any way.